Le Voyage forme la jeunesse

Two girls tied to each other make their way through the audience, they are accompanied by a man pulling a noisy chair. Once on stage, the group settles in with the help of a versatile technician who, throughout the play, will try to arrange the space to help his companions on their journey. From a flash of 5 ducks to acrobatic duets, passing by a pyramid of chairs, the quartet evolves the space while bringing the audience with it on its fantastic journey. The latter will eventually lead to a forced landing: Have we gone too far? Let’s go back, take our places.


Only the public will remain witnesses to their adventure, with this acrobat technician, this brave man a little lost and these two fusional beings.



“Travel shapes youth”, yes, and we are working on it. Now, we’d just like to take this time to settle down, get together and do. Do what? Do what? Simply to do, redo and undo the things we have heard, seen, and learned. We need to digest and share. This is our first version, our first experience together. Before we jump once and for all into what our life as an “artist” will be like, we would simply like to offer our work, our fresh experience and ourselves, with our questions and some of their answers. This 2018 creation is a project, a common desire to return to Europe, to our country, to take stock of our young journey before returning to Montreal to finalize our training.


Montreal November 2017

Photo and video credits: Nicolas Barreau, Cooper Lee Smith and Maxime Piché-Luneau

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