Truc Truc 1.0

We encountered each other at school, then by word of mouth, then for the last ones, by Skype. Then it was five days of encounter, work and creation during the summer of the year 2018.

Truc Truc 1.0, it’s 8 creators / craftspeople alongside Tarkos, Rainer Maria Rike, Lagarce. During forty minutes, the space opens, the texts, the bodies, and the sounds articulate between them.




Hi Hi                                                                                                                                                          Hi



Like a desire to do something, to move, to make noise, to show that we exist.

Like a desire to go up, to turn, to fly, to dream, to flame.

To annihilate the geographical distance that separates us.

How to do so when we are not in the same place? 


Salut is a collective reflection upon the necessity to create. An urgent, exciting necessity. Something that takes eight individuals, like that, and that confronts them with the void, with not even an embryo. And it puts them in a funny situation, most of them don’t know each other, but we create a Facebook conversation, saying to ourselves that it will surely help.

It helps slowly, we say hello to each other, we feel each other out in this space of virtual conversation that is not one, we introduce ourselves …

Among these individuals, there are those who make circus, sound, game, music, machinery, light, botany.


Together, they will create with this question in mind: “What do we do if we find ourselves all eight, that we have to present in front of an audience, knowing that we will deliver all the steps of our creation, that we will lay it bare for him, allowing him to get closer to us, and why not make him want to do one, a show?”


We are at the very beginning, you see.
Like before everything. With a thousand
and one dreams behind us and
without an act.


I cannot think of a happier knowledge
than this one: that one must become an initiator.
One who writes the first word behind a secular hyphen.

 Rainer Maria Rilke

Notes on the melody of things (self traduction)

Photo credits: Marjolaine Mansot

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