Truc Truc Prend Parti

Truc Truc Prends Parti is an open show inspired by the codes of performance, deambulation and conference. It is a piece mixing acrobatics, music, lights and slideshows. For this new creation we approach the nebulous question of truth from an ironic-satirical point of view without forgetting a hint of self-mockery. 

The show lasts 45 minutes and takes place at nightfall in a large protected space (courtyard or parking lot).

Taking space and the cosmos hostage, the actors question themselves and ask questions. Should we step back or on the contrary get as close as possible in order to discover the greatest secrets? Is the quest for truth utopian, surrealist or fanatical?

How is the truth staged? Who should we listen to? Who should we follow? Who is there?

A new 2019 creation inspired in particular by the work of Jimmy Guieu and his rather confusing REVELATIONS: the TRUTH, finally his own.

So for you, Truc Truc makes the choice to take a stand in the debate and thus proposes a specific and actual point of view. 

Open your eyes. Let us guide you.

One can speak of the sanity of van Gogh who, in his whole life, only cooked one hand and did not do more, for the rest, than cut off his left ear once, in a world where one eats every day vagina cooked in green sauce or the sex of a newborn baby flogged and put in rage, as it is picked up at its exit from the maternal sex.

It is bad because the sick consciousness has a capital interest at this time not to leave its illness. This is how a crazy society invented psychiatry in order to defend itself from the investigations of certain superior lucidities whose faculties of divination bothered it.

Antonin Artaud 

Van Gogh or the suicided of the society (self traduction)

Photo credits: Marjolaine Mansot

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