The VALBY RUTA Project

VALBY RUTA is a space in the physical and digital spheres.

The VALBY RUTA Project is an initiative led by Tuedon Ariri and Brin Schoellkopf, supported by Una Bennett and Basile Herrmann Philippe.

Over the course of two years, 24 videos will be produced during live events or video sessions in various locations in Montreal.

This project was created to promote Montreal’s circus diversity through short videos and events. We want to support artists by offering them a space to try, to expose themselves and to be seen. 

Montreal’s circus creation is evolving, diversifying and growing, it’s time for it to be seen and shared

Our beloved carpet; VALBY RUTA represents a neutral space in which artists have carte blanche to create their atmosphere.


The VALBY RUTA Project is produced by @boylebet, a Montreal-based creative space.



Live event one:
The VALBY RUTA Project hosted its first event in collaboration with White Walls Studio on 11/15/2019.

Between the immersive experience and the happy hour. 

For this event, we invited 9 artists to encounter and share their research / work in progress on our carpets, during an evening. 

The proposals presented that evening, represent a diversity of Montreal circus creation. Like a spectrum, where each one finds its place. 

The public is thus invited to discover the proposals by moving in the space and by choosing to put its glance where it wishes it. For this edition, we have invited Issac Endo to transform the studio.

With : Guillaume Paquin

Music : The Caretaker

Video filmed in September 2020 during a residency at Arsenal art contemporain Montréal.

The VALBY RUTA PROJECT is funded by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

Photo credits: The VALBY RUTA Project

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