I sculpt myself, I feel myself, I caress myself. Fragile body, conscious of its mass, its weight on what surrounds it. The pleasure is driving: it launches my body into experimentation.

I entered the world of circus about ten years ago. From French circus to Canadian circus, from cirque d’auteur to commercial circus, from the street to the big top, passing by the theater. I have been lucky enough to be nourished by various creative experiences, but above all to have been able to exchange and debate with artists, craftsmen and technicians from all horizons. These encounters helped me to open up, to discover and to encourage the diversity of creation in the circus world, while directing my work towards experimentation.

I was born in Besançon, in the birthplace of Cirque Plume and began my artistic training at the National Circus School of Châtellerault, before flying to the Montreal Circus School.  Over the years, I learned acrobatics through various acrobatic and domestic apparatus. My objective was to develop abilities: to learn and discover the circus repertoire while creating an acrobatic vocabulary transcending it towards a contemporary writing, specific to my practice. During my graduate years, my work opened up to performative arts and in-situ installation. This, notably thanks to the advice of Peter James, who guided me during my research and explorations at the ENC. This encounter was decisive and was the instigator of the Beignades cycle.

Since my beginnings, I oscillate from solo to collective work, following projects, encounters and discoveries. I maintain this site as a collection of ruins to share and awaken, but also as an open journal where my current projects encounter each other.

I was born during the nouveau cirque, I was educated by the French contemporary circus and I spent my adolescence where Canadian circus and the Montreal performative scene encounter each other. I now wander between Europe and Quebec, looking for a home, an aesthetic practice at the confluence of my past and present.

” The post-Vitruvian space settles: blue monochrome.

All that is love, violent and exqui, sadistic freedom.

The sound, the ego, the statement succumb peacefully to leave place to the ball. The presence

listens to itself, the air is filled with silence. The bodies of the witnesses tend towards the front, it oscillates

among them: Silence. ”


Photo credits: B.

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