I am a young acrobat from France who has established himself in Montreal four years ago. After training at the École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault, France, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean to perfect my skills at the École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal (ENC). Over the past years I learned the acrobatics using various acrobatic equipment and everyday objects. My objective is to develop physical skills, but also an acrobatic vocabulary that transcends towards contemporary and circus writing. I oscillate from solo work to collective work depending on the project. As a circus artist, I opened up to discover Montreal’s performance scene, with special thanks to P. James, who guided me during my research, trainings and stage explorations at the ENC. Through my work I am in the ongoing process to question the role of the acrobat and objects on stage.

I am based in France as well as Canada where I continue on my work, the solo and collective projects as well as organizing events to promote the Montreal experimental circus. Montreal’s experimental circus aims to bring the community around it together. Furthermore, I train in the world of contemporary art by meeting and collaborating with other interdisciplinary artists from all around the world.

Welcome on this platform, this is a library of open, ongoing as well as past and upcoming projects.

Photo credits: Nicolas Barreau

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