The Beignades cycle

The cycle of Beignades is part of a series of creations and reflections on the circus. There, I am questionning his place in contemporary art and in today’s world. I started this work on 2018 when I was still a student at the national circus school of Montreal. With these two first short forms, I have allowed myself to explore them point by point. Like an inventory of my theoretical and practical notions in circus.

Here, the piece is an excuse where the process of research and creation is just as important as the performance in front of the audience. In each piece, my body and my mind, I, are the interpreters of the concept, of the space in which they evolve.


My starting point was a mat, it was round, black and heavy. It is not a circus discipline/ apparatus, it is a mat: a matter. It was an object that guided my reflection, he was the center, I was the satellite. During this period, I had time to realize that my work could not be classified as “non-circus”, nor as “French circus” or “American circus” or even less as “contemporary circus”. 

Once again, I didn’t have the vocabulary to define my practice. I felt blocked and liberated at the same time. I knew where I was not willing to go, but I still didn’t know where I wanted to go. So I decided to make a repertory work, where I would study and investigate through different forms and mediums. 

                                                  The creations

creation 2019

Photo credits: Thomas Botticelli

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