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“I am in pursuit of Silence, that moment of connection where everyone and everything vibrates, together. This Silence can occur during these spaces/instants of encounter, between performers and witnesses, between textures. This Silence, that I attempt to verbalize, I dream of it as a premise and continuity for dialogue. Can it be the basis of a living together?”

This research is the continuation of the work begun with the Donut. The starting point was to develop a space allowing me to be the carnal, fragile and intimate me that inhabits me today. The Donut, because of its mass and ambiguity, led me to exist and to assume myself: he was a necessary apparatus for my presence in the space, he was pedagogical as well as a partner. This work in duet led me to question my relationship with the object, the space we shared and our relationship of domination (maintained between the Donut and myself but also those I maintained with my body).

My acrobat body is a body confiscated by the circus, it is a machine, it is stereotyped: I do not know how to use this medium, on stage but also in my life. The space/instant that we create (the Donut and myself), appears to me as a cosme in which, by opening up, various microcosms interact. There, we reappropriate a place but also our bodies. Perfect inodus, proper to the utopia. This space is political, our bodies are political.

At the same time, this need to disappear into a form larger than myself, to be overtaken by space, by being an actor in the action, is born. In my practice, I make myself available, I become / am a shared and inhabited medium. I am a multitude of thoughts, I exist thanks to its gifts. When Basile thinks who thinks? Who thought Basile?

In search of Silence, I create or commission spaces/instants, where each texture (or medium) cohabit. Bodies, chairs, vinyl, vibrations, foam, testimonies… encounter each other, exchange their flows and create their own cosm. The space/instant is crossed by the notion of care: the horizontal relations between actants are an average of sinusoidal curves. 

These spaces/instants, these cosmes of the moment, are made to be shared, discussed and relativized. Thus, each cosme will come to life when inhabited by witnesses. It is vital for me to create these encounters because Silence also exists with.

Photo credits: Alena Principe

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