Within / Beignade II

Within is the second part of the Beignades creation cycle. This short half-hour piece is presented in a quadri-frontal space, framed by a seated or moving audience. During Within, the public is invited to change angles of view, to move on all sides in order to discover and feel the different textures, sounds, landscapes…

This piece is about today.

This piece is about Circus.

This piece is a specific space.


Within / Beignade II is an active/passive matter, which dominates to be dominated. 

Within / Beignade II is a time, a place, a freedom. But it is also a survival, a solitude and a lack.

Within / Beignade II is our current manifesto, the one of our now, and this will remain, until the next one.

Note of intent

To rustle is to exist, to screech is to assert oneself. By rustling against each other we define a space. This is how it all begins. In the beginning, there was everything.
The public invites itself, wanders, chooses its angle. Everything is handed to them, it’s up to them to choose.

Within is a space embraced by the audience, where the body and the objects (matter) are manipulated. The space opens, swells and splits up to the rhythm of rubbing, squeaking and caressing.

Within is a ritual of passage, once again it is necessary to (re)build, to find one’s way without being conscious of it, to advance whatever the direction (ACTIVE ?).

Active & Passive are non-binary, they are necessary. 

Movement is a passive body.

To assert oneself by taking part in the space. To melt in a proactive way. 

Accept the naivety of a young body.

I am a man, I have always been dominant, even unconsciously. I am looking to build myself, to belong. To create a space to unlearn and experiment with sexuality, to adapt my libido.

When I am in the space of Within, I am Narcissus, I am the David, I am Gogo Boy, I am Marianne, I am texture. The temporality changes, the different energies rub against the spaces that are created, everything opposes and mixes. The different spheres split and merge. It is only a question of energy between the textures, the sounds and other vibrations. I, is part of the whole.


Ideation : Basile Herrmann Philippe

Advice / Activator: Peter James

Music: P. Niblock, I. Reiko, F. Philippe

Technical: Félix Philippe

Within / Beignade II was presented in 2019 during the Montreal Complètement Circus festival in partnership with La Chapelle Scène Contemporaine, dans le programme de l’Autre Cirque. 

Within / Beignade II was created at the Tohu Cité des Arts du cirque and at the Darling Foundry.

Photo credits: Alexandre Galliez

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