Moi Acrobate / Beignade I

This piece is a trio made for an acrobat, a donut and his center.

This piece is about Circus.

This piece is about Acrobatics.

Moi Acrobate / Beignade I is a short piece featuring the relationship between the two objects and the acrobat. We see a man and two mats living, creating and sharing thanks to the acrobatic movement and the inane situations in which they evolve.

Moi Acrobate / Beignade I is also a command for a front space, a maximum duration of seven minutes and without any smoke machine. Ordering creates a freedom that we take up in order to write and show where we are, where our thinking is, where our work is.

Moi Acrobate / Beignade I is our current manifesto, the one of our now, and this will be, until the next one.

Photo and video credits: Brin Schoellkopf

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