Care is expensive

After several months of digestion and isolation, due to the sanitary situation, I finally leave the house to inhabit a studio alongside the Donut. This reunion is necessary for me: after several aborted projects, I must find a fleshy work with the space, as well as reconnect with the material and the presence of the Donut. At his side I am raw, I can’t imagine a space/instant bigger than our bubble. Care is expensive is lived in a limited space. Witnesses are invited to come and choose their points of view and listen to us vibrate against each other.

Let me talk to you, whispering to your body.

Care is expensive is all I have left. It’s a dream of grandeur, the continuation of my struggle.

So we rustle, one against the other, because that’s all there is left to do.

With CIE, I want to believe in the spectacle. The show as an encounter, free from all dramatic forms, from representations of an idealized and normalized body as well as from any consumer relationship to the object.

CIE does not sell dreams, CIE does not sell itself.

By creating this form of encounter, by inviting witnesses to share the space/instant, I offer a post-utopian vision of my realities. The after-world will not even have had the time to exist, in what future can we project ourselves, us youth of the world? But also, what future can we propose to our elders, those who fought for our social rights, for a fairer world?

‘’ Invitation to co-silence /

I want to create Silence as an open Dialogue /

Is my silence different than yours ? /


I loved that Silence ‘’

During the time in Arsenal I focused on a cosme, the nous of the Donut and of my impassioned body. From this we, different microcosms detached, the whole vibrated, rustled, squeaked. 

It was sublime.

CIE is a fragmentation of these spaces, it is to accept the plurality of the space/instant. In this work, I accept the emotional instability of my present.

fatigue / loneliness / uncertainty.

It is from there that the vibrations arrived, the grips were necessary to me, I was there, it was, it is my present.

After two weeks of work, I invited three peers to film their own view of this space/instant, here is Clara Prezzavento’s.

The seeking of this Silence as a point of departure and arrival. Between that, the creation of spaces/instants, opening, each of them, on different cosmes.

The crunch of our skins, overtakes me. Our movement oozes from both sides.

Come, take, weigh, I am opening you.

The mastery of our relationship to gravity is anchored in the technique…

Sexual touch – textural touch

Sinusoidal relationship of our bodies. 

To take it a step further, here is the ASMR POV that accompanies the last part of Care is expensive

The first research and openings were performed at Studio Production Kalabente in August 2020 in Montreal.

The video and sound recording were done during a residency at Arsenal art contemporain Montreal in September 2020, following an invitation from @boylbet.

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